Press Release

  • Noche Buena on the go

    If you’re a couple living in that tiny avant-garde studio and are spending Christmas Eve together for the first time, having just gotten married a few months ago or you’re a family of three or four and you have been busy at the office and as a wife or mother, you wonder what to serve during Noche Buena (Christmas Eve dinner) or the next day’s Christmas lunch or New Year’s Media Noche (midnight dinner), you need not worry.

    Gourmet Corner, with its main store at Plaza San Antonio in Forbes Park and its hole-in-the-wall branch at the Rustan’s Supermarket at EDSA Shangri-La Mall, has the kind of special food that you exactly have in mind — something different, cosmopolitan and sophisticated that would make your family and guests believe you went out of your way to ensure they will be happy and feel loved with the food you are serving them.
  • Bettina Osmeña’s Gourmet Corner

    As someone who recently just learned to love cooking, I am constantly on the lookout for realistic and yummy recipes (hello, You Tube). I have a few generous friends who love sharing tips and techniques. My parents also stayed with us for the past three months, so I learned how to cook meat in a tender and juicy way from them. Finally!

    You wonder why it took me four decades to learn how to cook. I just never had an interest in it. As a child I was told to stay away from the kitchen because it was dangerous. Growing up in Toronto, my chore was washing the dishes and sorting laundry. My brother was the one who loved cooking, so I willingly gave way to him. As an adult, I found it easier to buy good meals or hire a helper who can cook. Last year, however, I found myself without any help. So instead of panicking I started to cook – three meals at a time. The results were more than edible. It got rave reviews from my husband and children. So that’s how I got started. It also helped that I already had my dream kitchen.

  • Bettina Osmeña cooks up a healthy pinoy sari-sari store

    After nine years of nurturing her modest enterprise, Bettina has now truly come into her own and has become a full-fledged, full-time businesswoman. In fact, she is now thinking of opening more branches for her Gourmet Corner, what she describes as a Pinoy sari-sari store offering healthy, ready-to-eat dishes and other products. The store at the San Antonio Plaza in Forbes Park also carries a variety of products from different parts of Metro Manila, even the Philippines.

    Gourmet Corner sells frozen vegetarian dishes and healthy snacks, as well as continental foods. It sells artisanal yogurt, different kinds of longganisa, other regional delicacies and imported items. The late-blooming businesswoman says she is “helping many microentrepreneurs who cook in their homes.”
  • Hitting the food campaign trail

    If you do not see Bettina Osmeña on the campaign trail as husband Serge seeks to return to the Senate, it is not because she does not support his cause.

    Bettina has to opt out of the travelling to nurture her growing business, Gourmet Corner, which offers healthy and ready-to-eat dishes.

    She describes her Gourmet Corner at San Antonio Plaza in Forbes Park as more of a Filipino “sari-sari” store carrying a variety of products from all over the country.

  • Gourmet Corner is a one-stop shop for home-cooked meals

    ( It’s harder and harder to sit down to a home-cooked meal nowadays. Unless one works from home, lives with their parents, or has a personal cook, most dinners will consist of something from a fast food joint or a nearby restaurant. This is fun, until it isn’t, and it can get not fun (and not healthy) quite fast. 

    This is where Gourmet Corner comes in.